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Craig Boddington Salmon Fishing Tournament
Craig and Donna Boddington

Please join us for the Thirteenth Annual Craig Boddington Salmon Fishing Tournament, scheduled for the weekend of July 26-29, 2024. This is a prime week that is always in high demand, and we expect the action to be better then ever. As always, you will have unbeatable chances to win premiere WORLD SAFARI ADVENTURES.

Craig Boddington Tournament
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Craig Boddington, also known as the Dean of African Hunting, is one of the world's foremost authorities on big game hunting. Each year Craig and his wife Donna break away from their busy schedule to fish at their favorite "fishing hole" with their good buddy Jim Rough at Black Gold Lodge in RIvers Inlet.

Like Craig and Jim, many of the trophy fishermen who frequent the lodge are also cross-sportsmen who enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities. The annual Craig Boddington Salmong Fishing Tournament was created with the cross-sportsman in mind, or, as Craig wrote in one article, "Fishin' for Hunts." Prizes include hunting and fishing packages from leading outfitters around the world. Here are a few examples from past seasons:

  • Cape Buffalo and Plains Game in Africa
  • Bull Tahr in New Zealand
  • Trophy Whitetail Deer in Alberta
  • Black Bear in British Columbia
Relaxing in the lounge
Craig Boddington and Jim Rough, pictured here at the first annual tournament.

Call us soon to reserve your spot. We look forward to seeing you!